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Color Consultation

As a certified color specialist, I understand the subtle nuances of color. How color will be seen in different lighting, whether artificial or natural, and how a color will look when paired with another color or combined with several colors is as important as the color selection itself.

Your interior paint selection can enhance existing architectural elements; even create details to lift the visual interest of a room. The colors chosen can be the perfect background for your art or furnishings, or they can be the “star” in the room. Every situation is unique. That is why “canned” schemes don’t always work. What direction your natural light comes from has a profound influence on the paint color. Have you ever taken a paint sample from one room to the next and it looks totally different in each room?

Your exterior paint selection is an important factor in your home’s appearance. As the exterior color specifier for a local home builder, I select and approve paint and trim colors and stone accents for their single and multi-family developments. The goal achieved is harmony within the neighborhoods while allowing homeowners their individuality.

Your home can make you feel great every time you come home, with exterior colors that compliment you, your surroundings and the way you live. An inviting color scheme will add value to your property as well.

A relaxing 60- to 90-minute color consultation can free you from builder beige. I will walk with you through the spaces of your home that you want to paint. We will discuss each area with regard to how you use the space and what your vision is or how you want the room to “feel.”

Then, I will spend some alone time in your home with my fan decks, arrive at a colorful solution, share my suggestions with you, discuss the colors selected and why. I will leave you with the paint details – manufacturer, color name or number, type of paint and the sheen. You will receive by mail large sample sheets of the colors we selected. Feel free to pin these up and move them about to see how different light affects the hue. These are yours to keep and live with until you are ready to complete your project. 3-D renderings are available to show you what the new colors will look like in your home.